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Gary Pickles
Gary Pickles

Chef Profile - Gary Pickles

Hi I’m Gary the new and very proud head chef of the Bella Luce, three years ago I was leaving the beautiful island of Guernsey of for a new adventure, at that time I had no idea that I would return full circle and be back at the Bella Luce taking my first heads chef position. The three years have been a very exciting and hugely influential time on both my life and career, per se and Daniels in new York, Gordon Ramsays at Claridges in London and the outstanding lower slaughter manor in the Cotswolds, all these places taught me to refine my cooking but also to respect food be it a simple cherry tomato or a fresh from the sea lobster as it takes all off the ingredients to make a true experience.

Its these things I’m looking forward to bringing to the Bella, and pushing it through all the aspects of our residents and locals experience here at the Bella, be it a burger in the bar, tasting of Guernsey lobster in the restaurant or a breakfast in the morning, going back to basics is the only way to start this so we make everything from the tomato  ketchup for the burger or the brioche but for the salmon scrambled eggs to ensure everything is fresh and at its best, we are really looking to put a family emphasise back into the hotel, no request is too much.

I truly believe there are exciting times ahead at the Bella with myself, Luke and Michael all striving to make the Bella a level above the rest making every visit be it a short stay or relaxing drink in the garden an experience that no one will forget..

Looking forward to welcoming you to the Bella

Gary Pickles

Head chef Bella Luce


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